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Printing Methods

Over the past few years the print industry has seen a substantial change towards digital printing. For years litho printers have stated that digital printers do not offer the same premium finish as a litho machine… Times have moved on and things have changed, although on certain jobs this maybe the case, most jobs can look just as sharp and even the most trained eye would struggle to see the difference. Having both litho & digital machines gives us the capability of choosing the right machine for the job.



Digital machines are great for short runs, variable data printing and quick turnarounds. Our machines are fully serviced regularly and produce fantastic results.



For longer runs, certain finishes and special colours, nothing compares to our litho machines. Expert in litho printing our
minders have 40 years of experience within the industry. Whether you are printing flyers, business cards, brochures or
menus, the quality from our lithographic presses is sure to turn heads and ensure your company stands out… for the
right reasons.


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